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Weichai Baudouin 6M26C marine main propulsion boat diesel engine 450-550HP

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We can offer Weichai Baudouin 6M26C marine main propulsion boat diesel engine 450-550HP, 6M26 equiped with Water cooling turbocharger, in order to decrease the temperature of engine room, with Doul cycle cooling system,, with gear drive sea water pump, large capacity oil pump,Double lays high fuel pipe.etc, overhaul period is more than 20000hours.

Model list: 

Engine model Power  Speed Certificate
6M26C450-18 330KW 450HP 1800RPM CCS
6M26C500-18 368KW 500HP 1800RPM CCS
6M26C550-18 405KW 550HP 1800RPM CCS


4 stroke, water  cooling, In-line, Dry liner
Cylinder Nos.
Intake way
Turbocharged aftercooled 
Bore x stroke (mm) 150X150mm
Displacement (L) 15.9
Idle speed RPM 700±30
Min fuel consumption (g.KW/h) 190
Min lube oil consumption (g.KW/h) 0.8
Smoke RB 1.0
Emission stardard
Noise [dB(A)] <=105
Counter-Clockwise   ( face to free end)
Fire order
Starting mode
Electronical starting
Net weight KG 1785
Size mm 1880x1278x1460
Overhaul period (Hour) 20000
Application   Fishing boat, working boat,Tugboat,Cargo,etc

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