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Weichai WP5NG CNG LNG Natural gas engine for vehicle (165-200HP)

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Weichai WP5NG CNG LNG Natural gas engine for vehicle  (165-200HP) 

Model Emission   Displacement             (L) Single Cylinder Valves   Rated power Rated Speed   Maximum torque / speed   Remark
  WP5NGE40/E50 series
WP5NG165E40/E50   Euro Ⅳ/Ⅴ 4.76 4 121KW 165HP 2300RPM 600/1400~1600 Single point injection + oxidation catalysis
WP5NG180E40/E50 132KW 180HP 2300RPM 650/1400~1600
  WP5NGE41/E51 series
WP5NG165E51   EuroⅤ 4.98 4 121KW 165HP 2100RPM 600/1300~1500 Single point injection + oxidation catalysis
WP5NG180E51 132KW 180HP 2100RPM 650/1300~1500
WP5NG190E51 140KW 190HP 2300RPM 660/1300~1500
WP5NG200E51 147KW 200HP 2100RPM 665/1300~1500
WP5NG200E50 147KW 200HP 2300RPM 670/1300~1500

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